Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Quiet Day of Reflection

A Calm Day of Fishing in the Jade Forest

Not really. That's just what a lot of people say when they've spent the day fishing. I, however, dwell on how boring it is...In real life and within a game.

Have you ever fished on the game Animal Crossing? If you run past the shadow of a fish in the water, you scare it away, lol. It's kind of tedious. Animal Crossing is a favorite game in our house. Both of my kids like to play it and I've been known to play from time to time. My kids like for me to do the fishing in the game so that we can put the fish in the museum. They say that I'm the best at it but in reality, I just have more patience than they do.

Today, I spent the day with Maruka fishing in Pandaria. I leveled her from 380-something to 425. I'm just trying to level her cooking up without spending a ton of gold in the auction house on mats. I'm trying to be smart about it. ;) I really hate fishing though. The one thing that has made it more bearable is that Maruka has a water strider with the Surface Trot buff and I LOVE it. I mount up (I'm still an 88 and can't fly yet) and ride up and down the rivers looking for pools of fish. Being able to walk on water makes the process go by much faster.

FYI, if you're looking for Jade Lungfish, you should start out at the top of the river at Grookin Hill and then ride the river all the way down to Pearlfin Village. Just be aware that Grookin Hill is a Horde town and Pearlfin Village is an Alliance town. I got tagged by an Alliance guard at Pearlfin Village and had to run for my life, lol. Anyway, this route netted (har har) me quite a bit of fish in a short amount of time.

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