Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To Transmog or Not to Transmog

I found a blog yesterday by Rinike:  Rinike's Wardrobe. Her main blogging purpose is transmog stuff but she also blogs about other game-related topics. She also lives in Sweden which is nifty to this American girl who has never been outside of North America. And honestly, Mexico and the Bahamas barely count as even leaving the United States. Anyway, her blog got me to thinking about transmog.

This is one aspect of WoW in which I have yet to immerse myself. On the one hand, I think I've gotten so used to wearing a mish mash of gear that it doesn't really even hit my radar. On the other hand, I have a hard time wrapping my head around running dungeons and raids just to get a piece of gear solely because of how it looks. Huh? What? Then I have to figure out what look I even want to go after. Basically, I don't know where to start.

Every once in a while I'll actually take notice of a piece of gear that one of my toons is wearing and stop long enough to think, "That looks nifty!" Then I'll save it back in my bank in hopes of finding other pieces along the line that will match. Then I won't play that toon for a few weeks, go back, clean out her bank and realize that the old, outdated gear I just sold was something that I had been saving for transmog purposes, rush back to the vendor to get it back, and discover that it's been bumped off the buy back tab and forever lost in the mists. I do this. Often. I really don't think transmogging is for me.

My main, Maruka, does have a transmogged gear set. What?!?!?! Yeah. She does but before you get all excited for me, it's generic pieces that I got from questing. I think. It's basically, more or less, this set:  Osul Peak. Turns out that it's also known as the Stormscale Set which I didn't even know until just now when I browsed Wowhead for a screenshot to share on this post. I decided to use this for my transmog for two reasons:  1) Because I just happened to notice that I had a complete matching set before I sold it all. 2) Because the legs are a skirt instead of pants even though it's a mail set.

Yeah. I'm real discerning, lol.

How much time do you spend on transmog? How far out of your way do you go to get a piece of transmog gear that you want?


  1. Ooh! thank you so much for mentioning me!! :)
    and for your questions, I spent a lot time planning my transmogs, I can use MogIt for hours and still don't get bored! :P It's fun to find all pieces that fit together and then hunt them down. I kinda do everything I can to get the piece I want, if it has really really low drop rate (talking like below 1% :D) I try to find another piece that fits better :)

    1. Happy to do it. After all, your blog inspired this post.

      I can't imagine going after pieces that have less than a 1% drop rate. But what about pieces that take forever to get because of instance lockouts? That has to be frustrating.

      Maybe I just haven't found the right outfit to inspire an undeniable need to hunt down all the pieces, lol.


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