Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Timewalking Dungeons in 6.2

I have a confession. I was supposed to wait to run the new Timewalking Dungeon weekend event until our scheduled guild event last night. I may have taken a little sneak preview with my monk, Bellepanda, yesterday afternoon a few hours before our event.

I started playing WoW right at the end of the Burning Crusade expac. Because I was new and afraid to try dungeons and raids, I never got to experience the BC dungeons until much later with alts. So, while I have been in the BC dungeons via the dungeon queue, this was almost like a first time experience for me.

I had so much fun! With my monk, I queued into the Slave Pens. That time, the dungeon seemed to be adequately difficult. I died twice. Admittedly, with 6.2, my monk dies ALL THE FREAKING TIME now. (I'm thinking of healing with her instead of dps'ing, but that's a whole other post.) She got a piece of gear that she could use, so it was both fun and useful.

Then, last night, we had our guild group for the Timewalkers. We blazed through them. We were pulling entire rooms of trash and wiping the floor with them. My hubs agrees with me that it seemed too easy. For the guild group, I took my hunter main, Maruka, and we had a monk heals, paladin tank, and a priest and another dps (I'm drawing a blank as to who this is). My hunter is awesomesauce squared, but even so, our toons didn't seem to be scaled to a level 70 instance. Anyone else think they were easy?

All in all, I still would rate this feature a 5 out of 5. It was so much fun to run this old content with guildies. For some of them, it brought back a lot of memories. I'm really looking forward to July's Timewalking event.

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