Monday, July 11, 2016

Update: Guild Situation

Last time I discussed guild stuff, recruiting, and/or raid team stuff, I talked about guild drama and the bumps we've had with our raid team. I figure an update, seeing as how that was like a year ago, is in order.

Things have been quiet. Too quiet. My guild is down to 126 people and of those, only about ten individuals still log in (Individual players, not including all their many alts). Over the past few months, I've been kicking people out that have been inactive for 12+ months and demoting people to the lowest (and thus, the least access to guild stuff) rank for being inactive 6+ months. I wish I had numbers to give you here, but I can't login today cuz my computer is broke.

I, myself, have been less than actively active. I had a lot of stuff going on with grad school and then my dad passed away in March. Because of this, I didn't see the point in trying to get more people to join the guild. It seems like when I don't login every day, as the guild master, people leave the guild more often. It's as if, if people don't see the GM every day, they don't want to be in that guild. Maybe I'm imagining things or putting too much responsibility on my own head. I dunno. But I don't feel right bringing new people into the guild if I'm not there to interact with them and support them. Ya know?? As a result, my guild is really quiet.

As for the raid team...We can't seem to keep good, reliable healers. They come and go more than anything. It's frustrating. Is it because our team is too hard to heal? What is it? We have about 14, what I would call, regular team members. I like most of them for the most part. I think I've managed to rub a couple of them the wrong way, but that's life. My only complaint is that a couple of our people seem to refuse to learn and progress with their respective toons. We've been in HFC for over a year (is that right??) and these certain somebody's are still making the same mistakes. We've only gotten the 2nd boss down on heroic ONE time. ONCE! Usually, I'm okay with the speed of our progression, but that's just plain frustrating. My hunter main stands at an item level of 720 and there's absolutely no way to get her new/better gear on normal level. With Legion coming out next month, I really have no hope of furthering her along. This being my very first experience at raiding, I have to say that I'm somewhat disappointed with the end results. We've never even gotten Archi down on normal mode. We should've at the very least gotten that far.

Where to go from here?

Good question. Should I start trying to bump up my guild's numbers now? Wait until Legion comes out? Be happy with the people I have now because they're mostly awesome?

Should we kick the under-performers from the raid team for Legion? Wait and hope they improve with Legion? Like I said, this is my first experience raiding and it's my first experience running an open guild. Advice would be much appreciated.

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