Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Been One of Those Days

Today was supposed to be screenshot Wednesday, but I can't find a decent one and I'm having such an off day, there hasn't been an opportunity to take one either.

Have you ever had one of those days? I've been running HoTs all day...okay. Not all day. I've also been working on my final presentation for one of my classes. S'ok, in my off time, I've been queue'ing for random HoTs. I've gotten through three.

#1 - Good, solid run. Nothing to note. Everyone did their job, nobody died.

#2 - Ditto.

#3 - Baaaad tank. He was just bad. One of our DPS died and wouldn't rez. Rather than vote kick him and re-queue, the tank just kept going. Not so bad on trash, was. Got to one point where the only people still alive was me and the other DPS. That's when the healer gave up and left. We're still down a DPS. I initiate the vote kick and we re-queue. Enter new healer and 3rd DPS. The tank and the new DPS proceeded to stand in fel fire and die. That's when I've decided I've had enough. My repair bill was 73 gold TYVM!

#4 - My computer crashes. ::sigh:: I restart, login and LO AND BEHOLD!! I was still in the group. I was shocked. My computer takes forEVER to restart. They could very justifiably vote kicked me. We're in End Time at the last boss. But nobody is there. I ask, "Where is everyone?" They lol at me and tell me that they're at the last boss. Umm. No they're not. I'm there and nobody else is there. Wtf? I didn't know how to solve the problem so I apologized and left the group so they could re-queue. Honestly, as a DPS, as long as we're not in the middle of a fight, I don't feel bad leaving the group. DPS are a dime a dozen.

Then I had regular mom-type stuff to do the rest of the afternoon. After dinner, I decide to try again.

#5 - I login and one of my guildies asks if I want to run HoTs. Sure. Sounds good to me. We queue as two DPSs and wait and wait. We finally get into End Time. Folks, I'm having some computer issues. I don't know what nor do I have the money right now to find out, but something is going on. My load screen into the instance takes forever and then my load screen once I click on the portal to go to the first area takes forever. By the time I get there, the Obsidian Dragonshire, everyone is already at the bottom of the hill, waiting for me on the islands. There's dragonkin everywhere and they seem to just be sitting there. Hello!! Move it already!! I wait for a window, it looks good, and I go. Run! Run!! And I'm runnin'. Not bothering to look around me but keeping my eye on the goal. I don't realize I've picked up a mob until I get to the island...with everyone else, and freaking wipe our group. I've never felt so dumb. This is the first time I've been the cause of a wipe. I guess, considering how long I've been playing, that's not so bad, but still. I wanted to crawl into a hole. I don't screw up that badly. But, this has been my day. Again, I apologize, fully expecting to get kicked at the first opportunity, and let the tank call me bad names. My response in PuGs is no response. I'm not going to argue and I'm not going to try and say that it wasn't my fault when it was and I admit that. I apologized in party chat. That's all you're getting from me on the subject.

So, we proceed through onto the Azure Dragonshire next. I think this boss is one of the easiest of all. I stand back, let the tank aggro, and let loose my arrows. Then she does her blink right on top of me. I can't see the freaking frozen blade things and hit one. Cripes!! And damn! And sheesh!! You know??? I've fought this boss several times and have never once come close to hitting a blade. I can't seem to do anything right.

Thankfully, we make it through the final boss without me doing anything overtly stupid. It was so bad though that my guildie told me, "You didn't do such a bad job", and then gave me a couple pointers which made it clear that he thought that was my first time in there. I was all kinds of SUCK! Seriously, my hands were shaking by the time we were done. I'm trying to shake it off but will probably stick with my lower level alts for tonight. Much less pressure.

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