Thursday, May 10, 2012

World of Warcraft - Ironman Challenge

Through the NBI, I've seen quite a few blogs and posts on blogs about the Ironman Challenge. Monday night, as a way to shake things up a bit, I decided to give it a go. My husband, by the way, thinks it's ultimate nerdom and that I was dumb for trying it. Harumph at him!

I rolled a dwarf paladin named Ridie. I actually felt like I was cheating a bit by rolling this toon because they come with the stoneform racial buff and they start out wearing mail. Turns out I was dumb about that assumption.

Things started off well enough. She got through the first five levels with barely a scratch. Strolling through Coldridge Valley like she owned the place. Then it was time to move on to Kharanos which seemed easy enough too. I think she got four or five quests done before she met her doom.

Her doom dealers were the Frostmane Trolls up on Shimmer Ridge. She was going along fine, sniping trolls, collecting shimmer weed when she noticed a group of trolls standing around a fire. She thought, "Hey. These guys will be easy pickins and I can finish up this quest really fast." Wrong. She aggro'd two caster trolls at one time, took down one, and was killed by the other. So sad. And a little pathetic. As you can see in the screenshot, she was only a level six.

Next, I rolled a gnome rogue. I'll save the long, drawn out saga and just say she bit it at level four. I will say that I was beginning to get embarrassed at this point. I'm really a much better player than this but it seemed like the sheer idea of having to keep my characters alive no matter what was messing with my mind or something.

So anyway, I rolled a human rogue for my next attempt. I got her all the way to level six. I was inside someone's house turning in a quest out in the middle of the forest. I alt tabbed for reasons that I don't remember now. I thought that I would be reasonably safe inside the house. Ummm. Nope. I bring the game back up and I'm lying on the floor dead as a doornail. W....T....F?!?! Screw embarrassed, I'm just pissed at this point and have to call it a night.

I'm not giving up by any means. This is my Everest. I will make it past level 6 without dying. I've done it many times before for pete's sake.


  1. Interesting, and good luck with your challenge.

    Some games have in-game titles: Guild Wars has "Survivor" with various tiers, and LoTRO has a Survivor Title that caps at level 20.

    I've tried both and had some success (tier 1 in GW, max in LoTRO), but both of those are easy compared to getting all the way to 85 in WoW!

    1. I wouldn't mind seeing something in-game with WoW. They could add it to the plethora of achievements, lol.

  2. I too have been inspired to try out the Ironman challenge thanks NBI! I haven't yet started though!

    1. I haven't given it a go since I wrote up this post. With D3 launching tonight, Ironman will probably be low on my list of gaming priorities. But I still intend to keep trying.


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