Favorite Websites

Here is a list of websites to which I often refer when playing WoW. There are tons more I haven't listed and some can be found in my list of blogs. This isn't a link exchange nor have I been asked or paid to list any website on this page. I've done so of my own volition. If you'd like your website listed, send it to me and I'll check it out.

  • Newbie Blogger Initiative - Forums for sponsors and newbies.  
  • Noxxic - Great website for info about reforging, gems, rotation, spec builds, etc. Broken down by game (SWTOR & WoW), and then by PVE & PVE, then by class & spec.
  • Petopia - Awesome resource for hunter pets.
  • Wowhead - There's too much to say about Wowhead. It's an all-around resource that every player should have bookmarked and should use extensively. Check it out if you already haven't. I insist.
  • Warcraft Hunters Union - This site is probably already in my RSS list on my main page, but it's worth mentioning as a fantastic resource for hunters.
  • Warcraft Pets - A website for all things pets, hunter AND companion pets.  
  • Wow Insider - A plethora of resources.
  • WoW Professions - It is what you think it is...a website about WoW professions. 
  • Hunter Transmogrification Guides and Resources
  • Bio Break 
  • Icy Veins

(Last updated on Jul 9, 2016)

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