My Characters

A Lovely List of My Characters



Maruka - My MM/BM Orc Hunter Main. I'm most sentimental about her.
Yaxi - My Frost Mage. She's my sassy Goblin.
Bellepanda - My Mistweaver Monk. This is the first toon I've EVER healed on. I'm not very good, lol
Marlockk - I boosted this toon with my Legion prepay boost. I'm a bit...disappointed with her. 


Maaluna - Draenei Enhancement Shaman. She's my main on the Alliance side of things.
Sidrenai - Night Elf Feral Druid 
Zaaluna - Gnome Affliction Warlock 
Gracelinni - Human Retribution Paladin 
Mhairi - Worgen Frost Mage 
Xaaluna - Dwarf Beast Master Hunter 

(Last updated Jul 9, 2016)

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